Automatic CZ Purlin Forming Machine

C&Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Machine's Components

One Purlin Forming Machine can produce many sizes of purlin. The line mainly consists of uncoiler, coil sheet guiding device, flattening device, roll forming system, punching equipment, cutting equipment, hydraulic station, PLC controlling system and support table.

Main Technical Parameters

Suitable Material Cold-rolled steel strip and heat-treated galvanized steel strip.
Thickness of raw material 1.5 mm -3.0mm or 20.-4.0mm
Roller Material Cr12 Mov. with quenched treatment. CNC machine process.
Forming Speed About 15-18m/min
Power Requirement Main Motor Power: 5.5KwX4(Depend on final design)
Hydraulic Station Power:11Kw (Depend on final design)
Uncoiler's Loading Capacity Max. Capacity : 5000kgs (can be increased to be 10T)
Controlling System Mitsubishi PLC & Converter
Voltage 380v 3 phase 50Hz or as per the customer's requirement.
Machine Size About 18000mm x 1700mm x 1400mm (Depend on final design)